You want to carry out excavation or landscaping projects but you don’t have the necessary machinery?


We work in collaboration with individuals, construction contractors, excavation companies, landscaping companies and various players in the agricultural, government and municipal fields.

Excavation Tigerdan offers equipment and heavy machinery rental with an operator at a very competitive hourly rate. Our service offers guaranteed assistance and quality work for all your residential, commercial and municipal projects in Montreal, Laval, and the entire North Shore, including the Laurentians.

Our operators are all members of the heavy equipment operators union which represents excavator operators, heavy equipment operators, drivers and heavy equipment mechanics and they have all taken the General Health and Safety Course on construction sites.

Heavy Machinery available for rent with Operator


Caterpillar 336 Next Gen

Accessories available :

  • Excavation bucket 54 in.
  • Ditch bucket 72 in.

Caterpillar 306 Next Gen

Accessories :

  • Excavation bucket 30 in. or 18+ in.
  • Ditch bucket 48 in. + vibrating plate 12 in. or 20 in.
  • Pallet fork


With Excavation Tigerdan, your excavation work is done according to the rules of the trade. It is important to specify that our fleet of heavy machinery is inspected and follows a vigorous maintenance code to ensure their proper operation on the job site.


Construction Employees

Specialized journalists and experienced foreman in civil and building engineering

Our workforce is highly qualified, with the proper and appropriate skill set, and our company has all the required certifications.


Truck + Trailer


Heater and vehicle F350 with dompeur trailer, gooseneck

Capacity 5.5 t/m


Heater and F350 vehicle with flat trailer, gooseneck

Capacity 12 t/m