General Excavation Services for Residential, Municipal & Commercial Projects in Laval, Blainville, Mirabel and St-Jerome


Since the characteristics of our climate cannot be neglected for the long-term durability of our homes, landscaping requires digging, clearing and transporting soil and rock in large quantities!

At Excavation Tigerdan, we can take care of the landscaping of a lot, whether it is residential or commercial. Redoing the driveway leading to the garage, consolidating the retaining wall of a building or landscaping a swimming pool are actions with which Excavation Tigerdan’s professionals are familiar. The ground is our playground.



We offer a full range of excavation and landscaping services in the Laurentians and the North Shore. Whether you want to carry out excavation work for your home or commercial building, our team is ready to meet the challenge.


◇ General Residential and Commercial Excavation Work

Trust Excavation Tigerdan’s team for all your general excavation projects. Your work will be in good hands and we will complete it within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Whether it’s an excavation for a building expansion, to install an inground pool, to create your parking lot or other, our team will meet your needs with satisfaction.


◇ Expansion and renovation of outdoor spaces

You want to expand your home or commercial building and change your outdoor spaces?

Maybe you wish to enlarge a parking lot following the purchase of a new vehicle, increase the surface area of a flowerbed to accommodate several flowers and/or shrubs, or redo the steps and landings in the front yard.

Call upon Excavation Tigerdan’s experienced and competent professionals for the excavation of your expansion.

In the case of a co-ownership, you will need to obtain the authorization of the other co-owners before proceeding.


◇ Excavation for New Construction

In new construction, earthmoving is obviously the first step in a building site. Earthmoving consists in preparing the ground by moving the existing materials (rocks, earth, clay, detritus) and shaping the ground to accommodate the future construction. The earthwork can also be carried out as part of a pool or terrace installation.

When landscaping for your new construction, special attention must be paid to your neighborhood. If your neighbors have not modified their land, but you wish to do so, it is your responsibility to install a retaining wall to prevent any risk of landslides.


◇ Retaining Walls

You wish to have a retaining wall installed on your residential or commercial property? In any landscaping project, the retaining wall is a basic element to retain soil or other powdery or granular materials. It is particularly useful for sloping land, which is more at risk of landslides or subsidence. Also, retaining walls can be used to create relief or to better structure and optimize your outdoor space. It is therefore very important to entrust this task to real experts in the field. Excavation Tigerdan’s team will take care of the excavation as well as the installation of your retaining wall.


◇ Earthworks & Ground Levelling

Ground levelling is the process of levelling the surface of your land. If you wish to build a house, a swimming pool, a driveway or even if you simply want to plant a lawn, levelling will be necessary for a durable and aesthetic result.

Our ground levelling service includes the addition of top soil to level the land, the creation of slightly inverted slopes to the property to send rainwater out of the land, and the reshaping of your land so that it is well levelled.


Excavation Tigerdan works mainly on the North Shore and the Laurentians: Laval, Rosemere, Boisbriand, Bois des Filions, Ste-Thérèse, Blainville, Lorraine, Mirabel, St-Jérôme, Saint-Sauveur, Terrebonne, Repentigny and Mascouche.